Monday, October 7, 2013

A Little Furthur

A Little Furthur
                There’s nothing like live music to refresh the spirit, especially rock and roll (a loose term). This year started our tour by attending four shows performed by a band called Furthur. This group is a remnant of the Grateful Dead and has quite a following, going strong after all these years. They are excellent musicians, no doubt.  

                The first show was in Washington State at Marymoor Park near Redmond.  It was an evening show, and miraculously we didn’t get rained on and managed to get back to our vehicle without getting soaked.   Berkeley was next. We flew down to stay with Ari’s sister Debbie. The weather during our visit was perfect, warm & sunny. The shows there were held at the Greek Theatre which is an excellent venue. There was a timeless quality about this experience, most refreshing and renewing. Music is a universal language and when the songs are geared towards peace, happiness, and love, what more could you ask?

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